59 Questions about me

1 Best book you’ve ever read:                                                                          To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
2 Your proudest moment in life:                                                                    Birth of my children.
3 Best breakfast cereal:                                                                                    Oats n Honey by Natures Valley Granola Bar. Every day.
4 Worst enemy:                                                                                                 Procrastination.
5 Best thing anyone ever said to you:                                                            Yes, to my marriage proposal.
6 Who is your hero:                                                                                          Jesus Christ.
7 Best video of all time:                                                                                    Better off Dead.
8 Who inspires you the most:                                                                         Kevin, who taught us all the meaning of dying gracefully.
9 Favorite slang word:                                                                                     Zut alors!  French slang.
10 What’s your instagram name:                                                                   Don't have one.
11 Favorite writer:                                                                                             John Steinbeck.
12 What’s the farthest you’ve ever had to travel on foot in one day:        Walked across Paris and back.
13 If you were to learn a language what would it be:                                  I speak French, so Spanish.
14 What is your greatest fear:                                                                         Procrastination.
15 Last book you read:                                                                                      Barbarians at the Gate by B. Burrough and J. Helyar.
16 What do you love outside of writing:                                                        Travel and surfing.
17 Last contest you entered:                                                                            HGTV Win this House.
18 Most underrated surfer:                                                                              Kelly Slater is the most underrated athlete in the world.
19 Last country you visited:                                                                             Canada.
20 Last words of inspiration you heard:                                                       Edgar Allen Poe –“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”
21 Last dream you had:                                                                                    Seeing someone I knew happy.
22 Last Web site you visited:                                                                           www.createspace.com
23 Last food you ate:                                                                                         Poki bowl at Gen Kai.
24 Last video you watched:                                                                              Grey Garden.
25 Last good spot you surfed:                                                                          Barbed-wires, south swell.
26 Last vehicle you bought:                                                                             1977 Puch moped for my son.
27 Last magazine you read:                                                                             Vanity Fair.
28 Last TV show you watched:                                                                        Breaking Bad on AMC. All their shows have great writing.
29 Last movie you saw:                                                                                    I thought Netflix killed movies.
30 Last time you wore a tie:                                                                            Sunday.
31 Last night on the town:                                                                               I'm a homebody.
32 Last time you witnessed anarchy:                                                             Montreal, Summer 2012.
33 Last party you threw:                                                                                  Never.
34 Last time you were in the hospital:                                                          Tweaked my knee surfing.
35 Last person you ate breakfast with:                                                          Myself.
36 Last time you were in a car accident:                                                       Can't remember.
37 Last person you talked to on the telephone:                                            My wife.
38 Last time you were confused:                                                                     Reading about derivatives.
39 Last pet you had:                                                                                          Argus, our Dachshund.
40 Last time you were betrayed:                                                                     Flight delay in Dallas.
41 Last piece of clothing you bought:                                                             Wetsuit.
42 Last time you thought you were going to die:                                         Two wave hold down.
43 Last promise you made to yourself:                                                          Write six days a week.
44 Last time you surfed:                                                                                   Saturday, 2-3 glassy T-Street.
45 Last show you attended:                                                                              Marty and Elayne at the Dresden Restaurant.
46 Last time you hated something:                                                                 Traffic in LA.
47 Last song you listened to:                                                                            Voila by Jeanne Cherhal.
48 Last time you got ripped off:                                                                       Car broken into in Grandview parking lot in Leucadia.
49 Last song you put on your iPod:                                                                 Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing game.
50 Last time you got into a fight:                                                                     I'm a lover not a fighter.
51 Last tattoo you got:                                                                                        The new cool is not to have one.
52 Last time you got a ticket:                                                                            Parking at T-Street.
53 Last team sport you played:                                                                         Lacrosse.
54 Last time you felt inspired:                                                                          Looking at the waves in the morning light.
55 Last thing that made you laugh:                                                                 My kids.
56 Last time you cried:                                                                                      Last week.
57 Last thing you killed:                                                                                    My pride.
58 Last time something changed your life:                                                    Going to France to live.
59 Last thing you lost:                                                                                       Ipod mini.